April 30 2019 91_2019april30_135bpm.m4a
April 27 2019 91_2019april27_909_Twin1+2
April 06 2019 91_20190406_animatedBands_, Band 250Hz, occationally 2000Hz
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2019 April 06 91_20190406_animatedBands_
animatedBands_, Band 250Hz, occationally 2000Hz
2019 April 06 91_20190406_BrassPercStr
including 91_20190406_animatedBands + Brass, Perc Strings

April 05 2019 first studies with street recordings HK March 2019
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2019 April 05
2019 April 05
2019 April 05

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April 05 2019 Sim Fong Lai:
Below is the quick note i got during the meeting last week, i will come up a better one later this week....

Hong Kong specific Relationship between ppl and cities n mainland China element is not verbally obvious How to continues in this situation Is the city giving u any thing? Or u give more to the city Give each other space

Intensity of HK, full of action But it grows slowly , rolling slowly? He doesn’t feel being pushed by the crowd

The space is always in between something, in relation so sth

Scale of things, of human being Where the things are placed in the empty space

The set provides different shapes of space, like movable

Transparency of the steam room, clean the steam

The traffic light sound is interesting, and feel that the road is not design for the ppl

Polluted air n environment, esp in the tram

The ppl is part of the machinery running the system here.

There are several rooms scattered around Ppl can wander around. The set can be moved, use the sound source to distract the audience

Frankie: Choice for audience, now is we provide the choice——
> what does it mean ? Does it mean we don’t make a choice ?

Our relationship between space and ppl, the Internet e. G. It is huge

But real space is small

Space n dancers and space m audience What to look at for the audience? To confused them ? Different sense of space between ppl

Living space is everything to us, which is sad situation, the first step

What’s the meaning of space ?
Personal space
Psychological space
Physical space
Visual space
Virtual space
Political space
Space to us what does it mean ?

We may take it for granted of the space /dance/ music

Traffic light game ?

*****Keywords for the piece


work mode between Dirk and the team
-*****Works with channels and the space
-Works with the set
-Or if there is the choreography he can work on
-Intensity of the music to let ppl experience time

-music need to provide speed (anxiety)
-noise things from the city
-rhythm of the city
-sound from the big things like machine/cars
As well as sound from small parts of cups/heartbeat

Use different languages? To create prejudice But Frankie doesn’t like ppl speaking
— Active Room instead of space
Then slowly comes back to relation