2022 February 5

Theater Trier, Germany: Premiere "Rituale", Choreography by Roberto Scafati, music by Dirk P Haubrich

2022 February 3

Netherlands Dans Theater "Toss of a Dice", Choreography by Jiří Kylián, music by Dirk P Haubrich

2021 March 21 - 28

"Puzzled Documents", Choreography by NAKAMURA Megumi, 8 short dance videos, published by Dance Base Yokohama,
with Sarah Hoechster, Kenta Shimizu, Shoko Nakamura, Kenta Kojiri, Yui Yonezawa, Yudai Fukuoka, Mei Nakamura

2020 November 28&29

The National Ballet of Japan "Shakespeare THE SONNETS", Choreography by NAKAMURA Megumi

to be continued in season 2020/21


2020 March 14 (premiere postponed)

New creation 'RITUALE' at the Theater Trier, Germany with Roberto Scafati and Yoko Seyama

2020 February 14

New creation 'Beethoven Immortal Love' at the ASTANA State Ballet, Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan with Raimondo Rebeck and Yoko Seyama

2020 February 6 – 23

'Claude Pascal' (2002) & 'Vanishing Twin' (2008), choreography Jiří Kylián, will be performed by Netherland Dans Theater (NDT 1) in The Hague and Rotterdam.

2020 February 3

Postponed to late summer 2020: New creation 'NOW' at the National Theater Saint-Nazaire, France with Sebastien Ly

2020 January 24

New creation 'DIMENSION' at the THEATER HEIDELBERG, Germany with Ivan Perez and Yoko Seyama Performances: Jan 26; Feb 9, 10, 20; Mar 1, 3, (canceled: 19, 25; April 12, 18, 22; May 8, 22, 31)

2019 October 06

New creation 'HEIM@' in Dresden, Germany with Massimo Gerardi. Performance in the 'Empfangshalle des Deutschen Hygiene-Museum Dresden', in collaboration with Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, rebuilding the Gropius-room (5x5x5m) from 1923.

2019 September 27

'Gods & Dogs' (2008), choreography Jiří Kylián, will be performed by the Czech National Ballet in Seoul, Korea. Starting October 13 2019, they will bring the ballet to Prague in the National Theater.

2019 August 8

New creation 'STAY / AWAY' at the ARTISTREE, TAIKOO PLACE, Hong Kong with Yoko Seyama, Frankie Ho & Bruce Wong Chun.

2019 May 24

New creation at ARTS UMBRELLA Dance, Vancouver with Ihsan Rustem.

2019 April 16

'Gods & Dogs'(2008), choreography Jiří Kylián, will be performed at the Lyon Opera Ballet, France

2019 March 13

At the Academie Francais des Beaux Arts : Meeting Jiří Kylián at his inauguartion


2018 November 30
Release “Robinson Out Of Context”: This seminal work is made of two pieces: “Robinson Out Of Context” and “7 to 8”.

2018 November 30: Release of the Vinyl “Robinson Out Of Context”:
A seminal work containing “Robinson Out Of Context” and “7 to 8”.

Digital "Robinson Out Of Context & 7 to 8" , vinyl "Robinson Out Of Context & 7 to 8"

Composed & Produced by Dirk P. Haubrich
Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering
Vinyl Cover Design by Atrois Studio